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Jo moved to the South of France more than ten years ago. It was definitely the beauty of French nature that convinced her to settle here and start her new life. About six years ago she decided to follow her heart and started a dog walking business. Her passion for animals and knowledge of dogs seemed the perfect combination to create a much needed service in the region (until then non-existing). The dog walking business grew very rapidly and more services were added, under which, dog and pet sitting. Jo continued to educate herself and went back to the Netherlands several times to the Martin Gaus dog academy where she successfully finished four different modules (see certificates).

After four years of caring for many different animals and walking many dogs Jo decided to expand her business further and open up a small and personal boarding facility in Biot.



Although she has always loved animals, it was not until she was 22 that Hester realized she wanted to make a career out of it. Four years later she graduated as Bachelor of Science in Animal Management and started to work in a veterinary clinic in the Netherlands. Whilst working as a veterinary technician she followed several courses and specialized herself in dog behavior. She volunteered in dog shelters in both Holland and Spain (where she adopted her most loyal four-legged friend Chica) and became a certified dog walker. 

When Hester found out Jo was looking for a colleague in Southern France, she didn't hesitate for a moment and made the phone call. Two months later her dream came true: living in France and working with dogs. Since June 2015 it’s her full time job to make sure your pets have the time of their life when they’re staying at Pet Matters.





Denisa moved to the South of France in October 2016 and she too was captured by the beauty and nature of the Côte d’Azur. Originally from the Czech Republic, Denisa has travelled extensively living in the USA, UK and Jersey. 

It was in Jersey, the Channel Islands, that her love for dogs became apparent. She began dog walking and dog sitting as well as continuing her day job as a Telecoms Manager. It was there that Denisa decided to change her career from Telecom Management to Dog Grooming and Dog Walking, and the South of France was the place she wanted to pursue her new career. Denisa owns her own dog, a Cockerpoo called Wolf, who keeps her very busy when she is not working.