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Welcome at Pet Matters Dog Grooming

Our aim at Pet Matters, is to provide a stress free service in a stress free grooming environment. Grooming can be stressful for dogs, but fortunately there are many ways through which you can make it a pleasant experience for the dog. However this takes time and patience, two ingredients a lot of grooming salons are not keen on. Pet Matters is offering a high end service where quality will be much more important than quantity.

Grooming has become a very critical element for caring for your pets and keeping an eye on their overall health. 

At Pet Matters we:

  • are trained and experienced in reading the body language of dogs so they recognize stress signs and adjust their approach according to what the dog can handle
  • determine the appropriate care for your dogs coat. Not every coat needs the same treatment.
  • are trained to recognize the right care and will use professional equipment to deliver the best possible servic
  • are trained to recognize possible health issues and will advise if action needs to be taken (ie ears and teeth)
  • trim (or grind) your dogs nails
  • clean your dogs ears

Just like all other Pet Matters services, our grooming services are done by qualified staff. Read more about our Dog Grooming staff by clicking here