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Welcome at Pet Matters!

To achieve the best possible bond with your furry friend, we believe in the three cornerstones: physical, mental and emotional health. All dogs, regardless of breed or size, require daily outdoor exercise. When spending time outdoors, your dog not only gets physical exercise, but also mental stimulation. New places, different and new smells, meeting other dogs; it's all very important to keep him mentally healthy. Even turning left instead of right when doing a quick walk around the block can give him something to think about!

We all have busy lives which sometimes means we cannot always devote the time and energy to our four legged friends they so much deserve, this is where Pet Matters Pet Care comes in. After spending a day with us, your dog will be all set for the day (and sometimes even the next one as well!). Doggie day care is just one of many services we provide.

Pet Matters offers professional care by qualified staff. Jo & Hester are extremely flexible, trustworthy, genuine, and only have one priority: loving your pets and making sure your fur babies have the best time ever. Do we succeed? We leave it up to our customers to be the judge of that; click here for reviews. 

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