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General conditions for Dog boarding / Dog walking / Dog day care


  1. These conditions need to have been read through thoroughly. Upon reading the terms & conditions you agree to the conditions in full.
  2. The dog owner must have liability insurance and at all times. The owner remains responsible for the actions of the dog while under the guidance of Pet Matters.
  3. When cancelling a booking within a week before the actual start of the booking, Pet Matters charges a cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount due. 
  4. Cancellation of a booking must be made at least 24hrs before it is due to start, Pet Matters charges a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount due. 
  5. 50% of the payment is required at drop off and 50% at pick up, unless otherwise agreed.
  6. Minimum age is 5 months old.
  7. The minimum commands a dog must know before being accepted by Pet Matters are: “Come” and “Sit”. These must be successfully attempted by a Pet Matters employee before the dog can stay with us. They must also be non-aggressive towards both humans and other animals. Dogs must be accustomed to walking off and on the lead.
  8. The dog must wear an approved collar, a choke chain is not allowed. Should the collar provided by the owner not be appropriate, Pet Matters will lend a collar to the dog at no additional charge.
  9. The owner must accept that dogs are being walked in a natural environment therefore it is highly likely they will be returned dirty and/or wet.
  10. Bitches in heat cannot be accepted. Separate arrangements can be made where possible for additional fees.
  11. Uncastrated males cannot be accepted. Separate arrangements can be made where possible for additional fees.
  12. Proof must be provided that the owner has had the dog vaccinated against rabies, kennel cough and leptospirosis, and also preventative treatments for fleas, ticks and worms.
  13. The dog owner is giving consent to take the dog to an agreed veterinary surgery for emergency treatment should it be necessary. All attempts will be made by Pet Matters to contact the owner before taking this step, however if contact cannot be made then the appropriate action will be taken by Pet Matters employees, all costs will be charged to the owner. The health and well being of the dog is the only priority.
  14. Dog owners must be contactable by phone.
  15. Pet Matters provides all guest dogs with ID tags with our phone number on it. Should a dog run away, the following will be done: contact is made with the owner after 30 minutes of no sighting and searching in the same area for 1 hour. After 1 hour all other dogs are taken home. All local dog shelters, dog catching centres will be contacted. 
  16. Should the owner want the dog to be picked up and returned to his own home, the owner must provide access to the property. 
  17. Pet Matters frequently undertake “test” days/nights to see if the animal is able to spend time away from the owners without unusual behaviour. Interviews are always done prior to commencement and refusal can be made at any time.
  18. If at anytime, your dog shows repetitive aggressive behaviour Pet Matters has the right to terminate the contract and return the dog to its owner. 
  19. Formal commencement of any service will only begin after the owner has provided copies of their dogs passport, contact details for next of kin and the vet.
  20. Dog food can either be provided by the owner or by Pet Matters.
  21. The morning walk will take place before 9 o’clock, dogs dropped off after 9 am will only participate in the afternoon walk.

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